Mister Cinecal

Mister Cinecal

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ant-Man Teaser Not Too Teasing

One of the more disappointing film news stories from last year was the revelation that Edgar Wright was no longer going to be directing Marvel's Ant-Man, after it had already been fully cast and began production, citing the dreaded "creative differences". Unlike say, Kenneth Branagh (it's still a little crazy that he directed Thor), Wright wasn't a name-for-hire, he had in fact been attached to do an Ant-Man film forever, before I had even done my Junior Certificate I was reading about Wright's superhero movie. That I suppose was part of the problem, he was on board back when Marvel Studios was just a twinkle in Kevin Feige's eye and while he developed the film and directed others this entire studio grew around him wanting things to be done their way. An Edgar Wright superhero movie remains a big "what if?" for now and after seeing the teaser for the Ant-Man film that is coming out, that "what if?" has only become more enticing to be honest.

Of course it's only a teaser, but compared to the teaser trailer for say, Guardians of the Galaxy, there's not exactly a lot to get excited about. Non-comic book fans, can you tell me-from watching that trailer, what does Ant-Man do? What are his powers and where did they come from? Does Ant-Man's world look like an exciting place full of action and interesting characters? The trailer really just teases Another Superhero Movie, and in a world where those are a dime a dozen (most of which are from your own studio!) they could be doing more. Who wants to spend a few hours with Ant-Man? (For the record, he uses his suit to change size)

What the characters are actually saying doesn't inspire much confidence either. The voiceover is your typical gruff action movie warnings that everything is dire and dangerous, which we've seen a thousand times before. Which is pretty standard for trailers of course, but here it contrasts with the two things star Paul Rudd says, both of which are trying to be funny. What kind of tone are we going for here? It generally isn't a good sign when a trailer is unsure of how to sell its movie, and here there seems to be a conflict in showing Ant-Man as a serious action movie or something with the levity that perhaps the superhero that turns ant-sized deserves. Not to hit the panic button too early, but it all seems a little Green Lantern-ish...

Compared to the frenetic style of Edgar Wright's directing, what we see here looks much safer and more generic. One could easily take some of the shots from this trailer and splice them in to footage of any other action movie this year and people would barely notice. That's the big disappointment really, that a film that could really have offered something distinct and different now looks like yet another superhero movie, with little to set itself apart. Hopefully in the months to come Marvel will release more info to make the film look more exciting, but for the moment Ant-Man is failing to convince me.

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