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Mister Cinecal

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Can We Leave It Alone With The Ghostbusters Already?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is coming out later this year. They just announced a Predator reboot with Shane Black yesterday. Everything that ever came out in the 1980s has been getting rebooted and remade perpetually, sometimes twice and we've now even moved on to the 90s reboots but there are still remakes of 80s movies kicking around. However, the one 80s franchise with brand-name recognition that they can't get back on track no matter how hard they try seems to be Ghostbusters. And can we please keep it that way? We don't need another Ghostbusters.
The logo explains how I feel
For pretty much the entire time that I've had an internet connection I've been hearing about a third Ghostbusters movie. Ackroyd is writing it, he's not writing it, Murray rejected a script, he's reading a script, he's fat out refusing to come back, and so on and so on. I'm half convinced nobody is actually trying to make this film at all and it's just a secret arrangement between Total Film and Ain't It Cool News so they always have something to report on a slow day. It's being talked about again because screenwriter/Hollywood nepotee/hyperactive child Max Landis was rumoured to be writing a Ghostbusters 3 script, which he denied on Twitter whilst also pitching at length what his Ghostbusters 3 would be: http://www.slashfilm.com/max-landis-ghostbusters-3-story/

It's a pretty bad pitch, seeing as it's basically Ghostbusters 2 but with masturbatory references to Gozer, the villain from the movie that was actually good. The Ghostbusters are down on their luck financially and people forgot about them saving New York is literally the premise of Ghostbusters 2, and it didn't make any sense then either. A huge crowd of people saw them save the city from a giant marshmallow man and I'm expected to believe that people would just forget that or think the Ghostbusters faked it? Ridiculous. In fact, Ghostbusters 2 is all the evidence you need that we should just leave well enough alone. In all the excitement and hype over a reboot, did people just forget that movie is pretty terrible?

Ghostbusters 2 is an extremely lazy piece of work, that merely repeats the story of the first movie beat by beat, while lacking any charm or comedic wit whatsoever. Bill Murray is totally checked out the entire time, barely even interacting with his fellow Ghostbusters. He doesn't even wear the outfit in that movie! It was clear there were no creative ideas going into that, everyone involved (possibly excluding Ackroyd who is just really into ghosts) was only there out of obligation. It exists only for no good reason and it's only a rehash, and rewatching it is a big kick to the nostalgia factor that makes people want a third movie. The second one wasn't even any good everybody. Do you really want Ghostbusters to be a franchise which is only 1/3 good? Let's at least try and keep it on that Indiana Jones 50/50 split.

 It seems inevitable that they're going to get to it eventually but I can't help but feel it's just going to be another bland, safe, get-the-14-year-olds-money-and-get-out movie. Harold Ramis is no longer with us, Murray is not interested, Rick Moranis is long since retired and Dan Ackroyd? Even if he actually did have a Ghostbusters script like he's been talking about for the last 20 years, his creative well has been dry for a very long time (crystal skull vodka aside). Ghostbusters was a one-off coming together of talent at the right place at the right time, who took Ackroyd's weird ideas and filtered them into something great. It worked because it had real creative energy behind it. It unexpectedly spiralled into this huge thing and I feel any more movies would be too wrapped up in living up to the original, where you'd have to have Slimer, you'd have to have Gozer (see Landis' pitch for evidence of this). I feel it is possible to have a good Ghostbusters movie again, but with the high likelihood of awkwardly shoe-horning in the past, putting out a product lazily because they know it'll make money anyway and paranoia about Max Landis somehow getting his mits on it, I'm happy if we don't get another one. And hell, if you must do a reboot Ghostbusters, how about these guys?

Okay, maybe not.

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