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Mister Cinecal

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

John Turturro - Fading Gigolo, Rising Mid-Life Crisis

So, John Turturro. You've seen John Turturro in things. A talented character actor with over 30 years of experience in cinema, Turturro is one of the most dependable hands in Hollywood. He can do comedy, he can do serious, he's got a little edge to him but he's not afraid to look silly, Turturro is a go-to guy for both the Coen brothers and Adam Sandler, which says a lot about his adaptability but leaves his personal sensibilities something of a mystery. When I discovered earlier this year that Turturro would be writing and directing a film himself (he has done this a number of times in the past, most notably 2006's Romance and Cigarettes), I was intrigued. Then I saw the trailer for the film in question, Fading Gigolo and...oh boy...

I have many questions. Primarily, did Turturro write this screenplay recently or did he dig out an old notepad from his teen years with a lot of pages stuck together? Fading Gigolo looks like a nice casual comedy where everybody trades banter written by an old man and everybody is going to have a fun time, mostly by having sex with John Turturro. John, buddy, come on. You can't cast yourself in a role a guy who becomes a male prostitute whose just fantastic at sex and all the ladies love him and they all went threesomes with him. This is the screenplay Vin Diesel would write, with all the exploding cars cut out.

It is possible I'm overreacting. Maybe I wouldn't be taking this so badly if this film about sex didn't co-star the Crypt Keeper Woody Allen, the young people's favourite, as Turturro's pimp. It's not so bad that I need a shower after watching that trailer but I do still think I should give myself a once-over with a facecloth, maybe get some fresh deodorant on, just to play it safe. Fading Gigolo received mixed reviews in it's limited American release, but it probably kept Turturro too busy for the next Transformers, so I guess it's not all bad. It's just...I mean...did anybody ever see Do The Right Thing or Quiz Show? Those were really good man...couldn't John have just bought himself a motorcycle or something?

Fading Gigolo opens in Ireland on Friday and if you go to see it you are John Turturro.

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